Surviving a Layoff

A few weeks ago I was featured on a podcast, Adulting, with Casby Bias, and the topic was how to survive a layoff as a recent college graduate.

Even though I graduated back in 2006, I still remember how it felt being layed off 9 months after starting a job – my first “real” adult job. Now, with COVID-19, there are many people going through the same process I did several years ago. I want to share five tips to help you get through this moment, especially if it’s your first time.

  • Stay Positive
    • Once you’re over the initial shock, remember that the layoff was most likely out of your control. Keep a positive attitude throughout the job searching process. If you weren’t truly happy in your last position, this is a great time to evaluate what you want in your career.
  • Develop a Plan
    • As you start reflection on what you want in your career, write out a 1-2 year strategic plan, with actionable goals to help you get there
  • Review Your Personal Brand
    • Part of your plan should include focusing on your online brand. Review your LinkedIn profile and other social media. This is a great time to leverage your platforms and promote yourself, or review your social media to make sure it represents you in a positive light. Create a website or blog. Create or update an online portfolio.
  • Network
    • As soon as you’re ready, reach out to your support group(s) and let them know you’re looking for an opportunity. Join virtual meetings and webinars related to your industry and meet new people and/or find out about new companies.
  • Find Additional Income
    • Depending on your finances and the time between jobs, you probably have two options: Pick and choose jobs that come your way, or actively search for job opportunities. For me, I had to do the latter. I worked temp jobs, freelanced and also was a waitress until I found a full-time job.

If you find yourself in the midst of a job search, I hope you find the podcast and these tips useful. Stay persistent as you fill out applications and interview, and pretty soon the right opportunity and job offer will come your way!

Published by Allison Baldwin

Welcome! My blog is a hybrid of my real-life experiences from adjusting to work after maternity leave to time management with family and work. Blog includes resources and tips to help those going through similar journeys.

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